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Richard Golden

Richard Golden

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10/06/10 07:48 PM #1    

Eric Hawks

Richard and I were second-cousins, friends, and classmates.  Richard's mother was a sister to my paternal grandmother.  We were both from the Irish "Petry" clan.

Richard was a great guy, who was very quite, and easy going.  Richard and I always had a great time and laughed when we were together.  The last time I spoke to Richard was at my Grand Father's funeral.   Richard was there to support my family.  After a long conversation both Richard and I agreed to stay in touch.  Of course we never did get back together.  One of my failures. 

I learned of Richards passing at the 40th WHS Reunion.   Some how I was not informed, or learned of Richards passing from the Petry Clan. 

Richard I miss you bud, and all of our talks.  I'm not sure when I will see you again, but please accept my apology for not staying in touch.  Rest well Richard, please know that I loved you, and miss you a great deal.

Your bud!

Eric "Rick" Hawks

01/26/11 03:41 PM #2    

Everett McIntosh

I went to grade school with Richard and of course Woodward. We were on the track team together and ran hurdles in Junior High. Richard had a really beatiful girlfriend at that time from Swifton, Nancy Markese. I thought it was kool that he wanted to be called by Richard and he corrected me the first time we ever talked on the playground. His mother would pick him up after track and many, many times she asked if I needed a ride home. I always did. I would say 'just let me out on the main street" which she did some times. Mostly she insisted on taking me to my home. A neat lady. Richard was a sharp guy, quiet, but very respectful.  I miss those days with him.

02/10/11 11:12 AM #3    

Ken Ellison

 Was fortunate enough to be living in Cincinnati at the time of Richards passing and to make his funeral. It was at a funeral home in MT. hEALTHY on Hamilton AVE. The casket was lined with Fireman ; as was the whole funeral home as RICHARD WAS ONE OF OUR HONORED HEROES , a FIREMAN.  His widow stopped me before I COULD GET TO THE CASKET, we were friends and asked for me to wait she wanted me to see someone. [ excuse me starting to tear up] it was Mark Dale from the class of 64. Richard and Mark had married sisters from WYOMING .OHIO. Mark and I were FRAT BROS. AS WELL AS living close to each other. What happened after that could only be described as a GOD-INCIDENCE! although I cannot share at this time. Richard left behind two sons too early. We have this day and this day only; God willn , will be 64 this saturday.. Cannot give you the exact date , but about ayear before our 40th reunion. THAT would make the year of his death around 2004. we also came up thru Hartwell School. His mother Lil GOLDEN attened Hartwell METHODIST churcH  as we did. If memory serves; her death was close to his. She was friends with my mother Lucille who passed last Oct. 16th 2010. In closing I considered Richard a friend and a gentleman.           Maybe a little known side note about Richard was that his family owned the Wyoming Bakery back in the day. Those of us who lived in the Valley area were appreciative of their EXQUISITE goodies.        R.I.P.                                                                    

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