1963 Marching Band trip

Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to 1963.  
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In 1963,
the Woodward High School Marching Band, two drum majors and eight majorettes travelled to Cleveland Ohio to perform at the Cleveland Browns vs New York Giants football game.  The band played the Star Spangled Banner during the pre-game ceremonies and had a 12-minute show during intermission. 
        The images below - captured from now extinct mimeography - show the responsibilities of the individuals, the itinerary, the play list, participants by the buses they road to Cleveland on with chaperones, an October 24, 1963 Bulldog Barks' article and an October 29, 1963 Joe Quinn, Cincinnati Post & Times-Star (Yeah!  I know!  Really!?  Can ya believe it?  The Post & Times-Star) article.  
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Images curtesy of Steve Lehrer.  Thanks, Steve