Classmates' Distinctions

Our classmates have distinguished themselves in many ways over the years.  This gallery displays some of the many ways our classmates have crafted their talents, skills, experiences and education - including Woodward - that have led them "To Be" rather than to seem to be."   

Which classmate do you know who has distinguished her/himself?   Nominations for this page are open. 

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Please include information about her/his achievements and links to any pertinent information. 

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4 Photos
Robin Sevester Avery
Iris Ruth (Levine) Pastor
3 Photos  12/10/17
Ronald Crutcher
3 Photos  6/20/14
April Dombar (Davidow)
2 Photos  12/29/14
Dorothy Hill (Warner)
3 Photos  1/11/15
Elinda Fishman
2 Photos  9/13/14
Carol (Friedman) Green
2 Photos  4/16/17