Elinda Fishman

Elinda Fishman Kiss was the 2019 recipient of the Alan J. Krowe Award for Teaching Excellence at the Robert H Smith School of Business of the University of Maryland.
     Kiss (center) is holding the plaque. To the left is the Dean and to the right is the Associate Dean.
     This is represents the "Triple Crown" for Kiss as she was also the recipient of the Krowe Award in 2007 and 2014.  

    This award recognizes outstanding teaching by our faculty.  Great teachers consistently go above and beyond to inspire students and instill learning skills that prepare students for a lifetime of learning. Their teaching leaves an impression and has impact long after the course is completed. These instructors use a variety of methods to keep their courses current and relevant, and have consistently high teaching evaluations.
     The Allen J. Krowe Award for Teaching Excellence is given to the Smith School’s very best instructors in May of each year. The recipients are chosen based on nominations and teaching evaluations.


Elinda Fishman Kiss received three awards from the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business this past academic year. Dr. Kiss received the Krowe award for Teaching Excellence, a Top 15 percent Teaching award, and was recognized as Distinguished Faculty Partner by the Office of Career Services.  (2014)