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Franklin Pool

Franklin Pool

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10/06/10 09:18 PM #1    

Eric Hawks

Frank Pool and I were friends, and classmates,  from the 1st grade at Rockdale ES.  I was the blond haired, blue eyed, "token" white kid in an African American school.  Most days after school I spent the afternoon in one fight after another.  Frank never did participate in the afternoon fights, and often came to my defense.  We became close friends, and would go to each others house after school.  We really were the odd couple at Rockdale ES.  Frank was always a good friend, we shared  a few classes at Woodward HS.

One day after the "Race Riots" in Avondale, several African American students were jumped by a group of white students.  This incident happened on Friday evening, behind WHS.  First thing Monday morning there were several grown African American men in our front lobby.   Most of these guys looked like "Black Panthers" looking for a fight!    At one point two of these men had me up against the wall asking where I was on Friday night.  The next thing I knew, there was Frank Pool between me and these grown men.    Frank came to my aid, telling them that we were friends and swore that I had nothing to do with the Friday evening fight.  I did not know what happened, nor who was involved.  Franklin saved the day!

Frank was a good guy and enriched my life with his friendship.  I don't know how Frank passed on, and would be very interested in knowing what happened to my classmate and friend.  Please e-mail me if you can enlighten me on Frank's passing.

Rest in peace my friend.


Your bud!

Eric Hawks

10/07/10 01:37 AM #2    

Chuck Johnson

Frank & I met cuz he was the toughest light weight varsity football player (Steve Claybon, you were the toughest junior varsity) I ever had the pleasure of watching play, & I was the towel boy/water boy who handed out towels after practice & water at the game. He was a very nice guy. I will never forget hearing his sweet a cappella voice at some student party in the quadrangle. I forget the song (Judy? Julia?), he may have composed it for a girlfriend. But every time I hear Billy Joel's a cappella "The Longest Time," I think of Frank & that he sang better than that. Years later, I was in law school at UC, & we ran into each other on McMillan, he was as nice as ever, but frankly (pun intended) did not look healthy & he admitted as much. Anyone know? Illness? Or more sudden?

01/10/11 07:30 PM #3    

Ken Ellison

Franklin! were only here for a little while; for some of us that is smaller than others to make a larger  impression. GREAT GYMNAST!! Loved being on the same team with you; and thank God I didn't have to compete against you ,, RINGS' ROPE' KennyEllison

01/26/11 03:23 PM #4    

Everett McIntosh

First, Frankie was a great person to know and watch in any sport. Coach Paul asked Frankie and I to run the 440 in the 9th grade in his first year on the team. I had never seen Frankie run, even in gym. The first 220 yards I was leading as I watched him sprint by as I struggled to keep within eye sight of him. He appologized that he beat me so bad!!! This is only rumor but I knew a guy about 1975/76 from a different school and I brought up Frankie Pool when talking about different guys we knew in high school who were great. He said that Frankie was killed in Avondale. He had been on the street (Reading Rd?). Regardless, having known him from the 7th grade forward, his passing is a loss to everyone who knew him. Such potenial. As I remember the Woodward days I always seem to find a thought for Frankie.





12/13/11 03:23 PM #5    

Robert Bob Wilkinson

Franklin it was a joy playing football with you. You were a true friend. If you were only standing on the other side of the street what could you have done with your life?


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