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Roy Roberts

Roy Roberts

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10/17/12 04:21 PM #1    

Ken Ellison

ROY! sorry to hear about you leaving us!  quite sure your in a better place, maybe I'll get to join you for thebig reunin in thesky!1 kenny e.  GOD BEST...!

03/16/13 03:33 AM #2    

Gary Goodman

Honestly. everyone . . . .

I'm really a little surptised that more of you folks  didn't say word one about this man.


This man was SUPER tallented, and his immitation of the old-time "interloquetor" was as good as it gets:  "O  my,  my,  my,  my,      MY!"

Now I PERSONALLY came to assemblies -- well, of course because I had to, but SECONDLYY, for two reasons -- each valid in its own way:

                            1,  to hear Chuck Drexilius sing  (He WAS Glee Club)    and

                             2,  to hear Roy say those words, say, "Blast Off!" and play boogie-woogie.

I'll never forget you, Roy!  You were as good as -- and BETTER than -- Ray Charles himself.

And I'll tell you this:  even before I get whatever is due me in GAN EDAN, I'll want to hear you tickle those ivories!

"Go well / Stay well!"




06/21/14 11:48 AM #3    

Michael Nebolsky

I had the opportunity to work with Roy during the Summer of 1984. As a result of that time together, Roy and I became good friends.

Roy was one of the most multi-talented individuals that I have ever met. He was incredible.

However, the most amazing quality that he had was his fabulous personality that I still remember to this day.

Such incredible charisma.

What an absolute shame that his life was so short.The world is definitely not a better place with the loss of Roy.

I hope that he is R.I.P.and in a better place.

Michael Nebolsky

06/21/14 04:59 PM #4    

Robin Sevester (Avery)

Mike and Gary,  you are both right about Roy! He had a special quality about him  made you  just want to smile and feel good.  I hope that he had a good life after we all left Woodward .Heartfelt condolences to his family and close friends. 

06/22/14 02:56 PM #5    

Eddie Lewis

Roy Roberts
Years after high school
I would ofen run into roy.

Talented big hearted but life for
him in those days was tough.
He felt unappreciated and I always tried to
cheer him up. He was a special man.
I was lucky to be a small part
of Roy's life, long ago. Lucky Me!

06/22/14 03:51 PM #6    

Jill Gaible (Scheidt)

I ran for Vice Presidernt of the junior class.  I was really excited about my campaign - after all Sharon Graller was my campaign manager!  I will never forget getting on the stage in front of what seemed like thousands of classmates, explaining why I should be elected.  I was scared to death and my voice cracked and quivered through the entire speech.  I believe Roy Roberts followed me on stage and I knew immediately it was all over.  He brought the house down everyone loved him,  That was the end of my WHS political career, but I never forgot the experience of speaking to a crowd.  Roy was loved by all.  He was talented and so funny. 

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