Chick Freund Book 1

Here is an extract from the Preface:
           My storytelling could be compared to ambling through a garden - any kind of garden – use your imagination; it will not affect the outcome whatsoever. I will essentially write about events in somewhat of a chronological order. However, as strolling through the garden one occasionally stops here and there to smell the roses or admire the Bonsai or meander down a different path where something caught one’s eye, I, too, will wander off course a bit. There is certainly a common thread throughout, and there really is a journey, so to speak, but if you are expecting to read of events going from point A directly to point B to point C, et cetera, you will be disappointed. However, if you have read to this point so far, you are starting to grasp my style. And, as you may have already determined, I tend not to take anything too seriously unless it involves an empty glass of Bordeaux or an absence of dark chocolate. Wait there a moment, please…I need to refill my wine glass….