Coach "Bear" Campbell

John Bear Jack Campbell
Coach Jack “Bear” Campbell ...
... coached  football, track and wrestling at Woodward High School from 1956 through 1979.  It was an illustrious era by many standards. 
For Bulldogs football, there were 12 Public High School League championships, an undefeated 10-and-0 '63 season, a league record of 50 wins, 7 loses and 3 ties, and a lifetime record of 132 wins, 84 losses and 3 ties.  But that was just his coaching sports. 
Unfortunately, there are no statistics that measure the number of boys he successfully coached into young men.  The recently dedicated plaque at the Woodward Football Stadium will serve as the reminder to those who new him, and who grew because of him, of the leadership he commanded, the model he presented, the friendship he offered and the mentor he was.   
Jack Sadler, WHS ’68, was the driving force to make the Campbell recognition plaque become a reality.  His effort and leadership is appreciated by all who were involved in seeing that our coach’s contribution to Woodward was duly recognized. The generosity of those who donated speaks to the value of their relationships with Coach Campbell.  
As another way to recognize Coach Campbell's contributions, and to continue the memories of his accomplishments, his leadership and his friendship, the extra funds collected for the plaque were donated in Coach Campbell’s memory to the Woodward Alumnal Endowment Fund* where the "Coach Jack "Bear" Campbell" annual award has been established.  This will be given annually to a graduating Woodward senior to assist with continuing their education.  For more information about this award or to make a contribution, see below.  
A sample of the testimony to Coach Campbell's impacts can be found in the comments made by some WHS '65 grads.  To view them, click here ⇒ John "Bear" "Jack" Campbell (  
To donate to the Woodward Alumnal Endowment Fund click here  ⇒  Woodward Alumnal Endowment Fund
* The Woodward Alumnal Endowment Fund (WAEF) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization registered with the Ohio Secretary of State and Ohio Attorney General’s office.  The WAEF was incorporated in 1984 to manage gifts received for the benefit of graduating Woodward students.  Since its incorporation, the WAEF has awarded over $300,000 to graduating Woodward seniors however the legacy of alumni contributions goes back to 1924 when the Fund was started and the first gifts made.  Donations will be acknowledged.  Consult your tax adviser for the deductible status of your contributions.