==> 60th anyone? <==

It's thought gathering time ... about interest in a 60th reunion get-together ... we're thinking sometime in 2025. 

Sure, that's long way off ... it's just that planning seems more complex and takes longer than it used to.  With that disclaimer (or excuse) ... below are a few questions to solicit input, thoughts, suggestions, perspective ... whatever you can muster ... 

Thanks for taking the time to respond.   

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1)   Would you be interested in a 60th reunion-gathering(s)-event(s) ?

2)   Time of year?

Fall? Summer? Spring? Winter? Or name a month.
3)   Type of event(S) ???

At this point there are no limits. Let your imagination run wild. Feel free to suggest away! Lunch? Dinner? Both? Dance? Breakfast? Casual? Hayride? At this point in planning, the sky's the limit! (Reality will catch up with us later in the planning effort.)
4)   Number of events/days?

Past events have included one-to-three days with mostly one event per day. There have been golf outings on other event days. Again, imagination is welcome. Of course will-power and stamina may come in to play but there's time to "buff" up.
5)   Time of day?

Afternoon? Evening? Kinda covered in previous questions but at our stage of life, meals may not be the same time they used to.
6)   Any other thoughts? Let'em rip.

... and if they're not about the reunion, please keep them short.