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Stanley Schwartz

Stanley Schwartz

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01/10/11 07:44 PM #1    

Ken Ellison

Stan da man!!! more personality in one little man than should be aloud! when I walked in to the 40th reunion and you yelled whos this old fart? once again you got me good!!! Stanley Schwartz1 you made Woodward what it was- one diverse beautiful example of mankind`1  mom ELLISONS BABY BOY1  Kenny Ray!

12/13/11 08:59 AM #2    

Robert Bob Wilkinson

I went to school with Stanley from Kindergarden at Roslawn school through the 12th grade a Woodward. Stan was a friend and will be missed.


06/04/14 08:33 PM #3    

Gary Goodman

Like many of you, I went to the 25th Reunion.  I lived in Arizona then, and so,had no car in Cincinci to drive myself around in.  So the only other really practical choice -- because I didn't want to burden anyone -- not even best friends -- was to stay at the hotel where the rrunion was.  Well, naturally i couldn't stand just staying in ny room eating Trail Mix (tm) or doing algebra -- so yeah -- I went down to the loby to write an account of this important event.  And wouldn't you know it, I had no sooner finished but one sentense  -- when this little guy, standing only three feet in front of me nearly shouts out,         "Butch?"         and I look up and -- it's STANLEY!

Well we hugged a manly hug, and talked some manly talk, and were both glad to see each other.

I'm gonna miss you, Stanley -- please wait arround in GAN EDAN tillI get there!  THEN, we'll have a good time -- and do all that stuff and more!

Gary "Butch" Goodman


07/05/15 04:45 PM #4    

Jeff Robinson

Stan, That's the way I knew you. Man could you dance ChaCha. I was insanely jealous of your moves. The times we spent over lost girfriends was insane. Memeories seared in my brain forever. I would give anything to have this conversation with you in October...jeff

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