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•   Barbara Kanter  8/16
•   Ken Kuresman  8/12
•   Ronald Dreffer  8/10
•   Emily Myers  8/9
•   Robert Otto  8/8
•   Terry Hammond  8/8
•   Gary Nicolay  8/8
•   Richard Chapman  8/7
•   Paul Kaplan  8/5
•   Ray Spencer  8/3
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•   John Lewis  8/22
•   Barbara Rinsky (Mason)  8/22
•   Carol Macintyre (Hatfield)  8/23
•   Mel Shuller  8/23
•   Allen Spencer  8/24
•   Mark Stoffregen Dds  8/27
•   William Powers  8/28
•   Sheila Freeman  9/1
•   Judy Myerstein (Kirzner)  9/1
•   Jacqueline Schwartz (Mandell)  9/1
•   Stephen Gerdsen  9/2
•   Stephen Leugers  9/2
•   Elaine Moritz (Owen)  9/4
•   Robin Sevester (Avery)  9/6
•   Robert Stewart  9/10
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

2 live in Alabama
8 live in Arizona
20 live in California
3 live in Colorado
2 live in District Of Columbia
33 live in Florida
9 live in Georgia
4 live in Illinois
9 live in Indiana
3 live in Kansas
23 live in Kentucky
1 lives in Louisiana
1 lives in Maine
9 live in Maryland
3 live in Massachusetts
5 live in Michigan
2 live in Minnesota
4 live in Missouri
2 live in Nevada
1 lives in New Hampshire
3 live in New Jersey
10 live in New York
7 live in North Carolina
227 live in Ohio
2 live in Oklahoma
3 live in Oregon
7 live in Pennsylvania
5 live in South Carolina
3 live in Tennessee
10 live in Texas
4 live in Virginia
6 live in Washington
1 lives in West Virginia
1 lives in Cayman Islands
201 location unknown
83 are deceased



Percentage of Joined Classmates: 48.3%

A:   311   Joined
B:   333   Not Joined


Click here to donate additional funds for the Reunion so 1) no one who wants to come but can't afford the event fees will not be turned away 2) help defray reunion expenses.



GOOD NEWS!  The registration deadline for the Woodward Class of '65 70th birthday party has been extended to August 31, 2017.  

Click HERE for details and to register ...  NOW!


Just a thought ... If you're looking for something to do with classmates on Saturday before the birthday party (9/9/2017 7pm to 11 pm) you could meet at Scene 75 early and enjoy games, riding go-karts, playing laser tag, challenging each other on arcade games.  

Please note that this is not included in your registration for the 70th birthday party and usual Scene 75 rates will apply.  


If you will want a hotel room close to the venue for the 70th birthday party - Saturday, September 9, 2017 - or any part of that weekend, please make sure to either 
1.  Contact the hotel directly ... 
        CLICK THIS LINK  -->    
2.  use your favorite online booking tool to see if a lower price might be available. 


So you're a little bit older and a lot less bolder
    Than you used to be
 So you used to shake 'em down
     But now you stop and think about your dignity
   So now sweet sixteens turned thirty-one seventy
                                               Thank you, Bob Seger.  
What has life taught you?  Share your wisdom.  
Yeah, maybe we're moving a bit slower and kicking a bit lower but the "muscles" of the mind and soul have been fortified and strengthened with the wisdom of our many and varied experiences over the years.   
And, we thought it might be helpful (or at least interesting and possibly amusing) to collect these pearls of wisdom to share among classmates.  
NOTE:  Your privacy will be respected if you want to contribute anonymously.  Just let us know you don't want attribution with your submission.

 to share your morsel - in a 150 words or less*.  

  • What you've learned over the years from your life experiences that has made it easier, better, calmer, happier or more blissful. (Isn't that the point of wisdom?)  
  • You're life's lessons, oops-es and AHAs!  
  • What do you know now - at 70 - you wish you knew at 17?
  • Any bolts of lightning or soothsayer’s sooth?
  • OR, alternatively, what you wish you didn't know now that you didn't know then...   
Let classmates know what worked well for you over the years; something you think others may benefit from.  
We'll publish the pearls periodically on the web site and …
          ... watch the wisdom grow.  
*  We reserve the option to edit for clarity, conciseness and content.  

Who's coming to the 70th birthday party in September?

Want to know?  

Click HERE 
<-- there


Register  NOW for
Saturday, September 9, 2017  


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