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•   Arnold Hanish  4/20
•   Rhoda Tessel (Ulas)  4/20
•   Gary Nicolay  4/19
•   Peggy Phillips (Greenberg)  4/18
•   Paul Kaplan  4/17
•   Elma Kruse (Diamond)  4/17
•   Mike Davis  4/16
•   Emily Lang (Ness)  4/15
•   Jeff Robinson  4/15
•   Avi Eden  4/15
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

1 lives in Alabama
5 live in Arizona
21 live in California
4 live in Colorado
2 live in District Of Columbia
33 live in Florida
9 live in Georgia
6 live in Illinois
9 live in Indiana
3 live in Kansas
22 live in Kentucky
1 lives in Louisiana
1 lives in Maine
9 live in Maryland
3 live in Massachusetts
5 live in Michigan
2 live in Minnesota
4 live in Missouri
2 live in Nevada
2 live in New Hampshire
3 live in New Jersey
1 lives in New Mexico
8 live in New York
5 live in North Carolina
227 live in Ohio
2 live in Oklahoma
3 live in Oregon
6 live in Pennsylvania
5 live in South Carolina
2 live in Tennessee
10 live in Texas
3 live in Virginia
5 live in Washington
1 lives in West Virginia
1 lives in Cayman Islands
1 lives in Germany
216 location unknown
72 are deceased


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 39.1%

A:   256   Joined
B:   398   Not Joined


               It's ON!  
Registration for the 
Big 5-0 reunion
Click on the  in the left menu for the all the info.  

Don't wait!

Register NOW!  

We look forward to seeing "U" in October!   
Click either of these... or both ... and enjoy!!!  

Do you recall if this was the Us That Was
Click HERE to see what seems familiar...

Check out "The FRONT HALL" ... click HERE or on the left menu.  It's where we met "back in the day" to keep up with the latest and where we can meet today  (virtually, at least) on this site to keep up with what's going on.  
It's a collection of the latest postings, birthdays, profile updates on the site.  Catch you in the FRONT HALL!!

Thank you, classmates!  Since this site was created June 22, 2010 you've been here  
59693  times ... YOU ROCK!

Our 50th reunion event will be
Check this site often for ongoing updates and information.
Only 170 days until our 50th reunion ...
"We're bringin' you a time so good,
so get ready, get ready, 
here we come ....
get ready 'cause here we come..." 
(with apologies to Smokey Robinson)

 CLICK HERE to see why you should come to the 50th reunion. 

It's not right without


The "oldies" collection has been moved to the "Do you remember ...?" page.  Click HERE or on the left menu. 

Click here for more  Woodward Treasures  <= Click
... Faculty ... Sports ...  Activities ...
"Thanks" to John Matthews and Ron Dreffer

 MORE  Elementary School pictures added!   Are you in any of these pictures.   Can you put names to faces?  Click HERE and see who you can recognize ...

Welcome to the Woodward High School Class Of 1965 web site.
To join this site, see the Joining and Using This Site menu button (<-- click here or in the menu column on the left).   If you get stuck click the Contact Us link and let us know what you need. 
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Make this your site!  We are always looking for ways to increase the communication value of our site.  If you have suggestions for what/how the site could benefit you or other classmates, click on Contact Us and let us know what your site can do for you and your classmates.

Contact Us for errors, omissions or additions.  Thanks!    ^top^ 

Did you know?  The Woodward Alumnal Endowment Fund (WAEF) was started to continue William Woodward's interest in providing education.  Since the WAEF inception in 1984, it has awarded more than $250,000 in scholarships and assistance to more than 400 graduating Woodward students to help them further their education.  To find out more about the WAEF, what it does and how it helps, contact classmate Mark Abrams, a member of the WAEF board. 




Food for thought ...


There are five things that you cannot recover in life: 
The Stone ... after it's thrown,
... The Word ... after it's said, 
... ... The Occasion ... after it's missed,  
... ... ... The Time ... after it's gone, and
... ... ... ... A person ... after s/he is gone  

This site isn't about waistlines, hairlines or credit lines...
It's about lifelines.
It's about reconnecting with our friends from some of the best years of our lives!
We are trying to locate all of our classmates. Can you help?

Let us know how to get in touch with any other classmates you know a location for. 
Check out "Missing Classmates" for the names of those who haven't joined the site yet. 
If you have contact info for them, click on their names and let them know that this site is here... for them, too. 

GOLF, anyone? 

If anyone attending the reunion is interested in playing golf on Saturday, before the evening activities, I would be happy to arrange it.
Please let me know by June 1.
Eddie Shapiro  <-- click on Eddie's name to go to his profile & send him a message


Save the dates!  
         Save the dates!  
                  Save the datse! 
                           Save the dates!  
                                   Save the dates!  
                                          Save the dates! 
                                                 Save the dates!  
                                                      Save the dates!  
                                                                        Save the dates!   
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
October 9-10-11, 2015
(yes, twenty-fifteen - next year)
for the celebration of our
> Golden Anniversary < 
of our graduation from Woodward High School. 
WOW!  50 years!!! 
(a couple of dances, a few martinis ... my, my, my ... where does the time go?)  
Plans for the event are in the works.   
As more details become available they will be posted here on this website ... so please check here often and remind your classmate friends to do the same.   
Plans are for a less formal, affordable event focused on classmate interaction, i.e., gathering together for the enjoyment of each other's company, mingling, enjoying, sharing memories, enjoying, dancing, 
Oh, did we mention enjoying?  
We're looking forward to a wonderful time filled with memories, friendship and FUN!!!!
Can't wait to see you there!!