Sharon Rayls Wilson

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Sharon Rayls
Residing In: Hamersville, OH USA
Spouse/Partner: William T. deceased
Occupation: retired from P&G research assistant
Children: Step-Daughter Karen, b. 1961
Step-son Keith, b. 1965
GrandSon, Zack,b. 1987
Granddaughter, More…Wendy, b. 1987
Grandson, Nick, b. 1992
Great Grandmother to 4 greats
Grandson, Daniel, b, 1994
GreatGranddaughter, Brookelynn, b, 2010
GreatGrandson, Brady, b. 2010
GreatGranddaughter, London, b, 2011
Yes! Attending Reunion

Worked as a Hairdresser in the Tri-County area for 20 years. Went to College and got a degree in AS Library/Media Technology from UC. Went to work for Procter & Gamble in their Library system working with upstream research and databases. I then developed a nerve disorder that led to my having to retire on 100% disability. I worked with my husband to raise and train competition hunting dogs. I always had a large garden, canned and entered in the Hamilton County Fair every year with the results of the garden, the flower show and baking contests. I also did stats for a car racing team and travelled in Ohio and Indiana for the races.
After I retired disability I moved to the country near Georgetown, Ohio. I love my rocking chair and front porch and the tranquility. My husband died from bone cancer is 2012. I am busily finding out what my husband did to maintain 2+ acres and a 3 bedroom house plus our vehicles. I raise a garden and still enter the Brown County fair every year. I have stepped up my participation in my church. I am a member of the board in fact now Vice Chair of the Board. I work in the sound booth for our second service which is contemporary. I also work with a program called Celebrate Recovery which is a faith based recovery program for alcoholics, and narcotics and other habits and hang-ups. My job is currently working with the teenagers whose lives have been affected by addictions in their families. I also do the press releases for the events in the church and I do some research for the Pastor. If I get time I like to search Ancestry and work on my family tree. I enjoy being Grandma Grape (the girls couldn't say Grandma Great) so the grape stuck. As they put it they need to farm and ride the 4-wheeler. We also bake cookies and rice krispie treats. Since I live in the country I get lots of company. My long time friend (sister) Georgia Jesse comes to stay some weekends. She is bringing her Granddaughter to our Church VBS to help and attend this month. They will be staying for a week. I would like to travel but I have a 14 yr old house dog that I can't leave. This is my life now. Hope to see all at the reunion.

School Story:

I remember when I was a senior and a member of the choir. I was very bashful, those who know me now would never believe this. When we lined up for the Thanksgiving program on the risers I stood on a riser one back from where I should have been so the girl in front of me would hide me. She had one of those teased up hairdo's. It was very hot that day and no air was stirring. I took what I thought was going to be a deep breath and instead I guess there was no air to be had so I passed out. I took out several rows of the risers at that end. The assembly was for seniors and seventh graders. I heards a lot of seventh graders talking about it that day. Seniors would just look at me. Looking back I though it seems funnier than it did that day.

My bashfulness got me into more trouble with the showcase that year. We were to be dressed as working people like nurses fireman etc. I thought if I put together the tackiest outfit I would be placed in the back row out of sight. Guess what, I was a washer woman, very tacky, and in the first row, they loved it, or it backfired on me.

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Sharon - Little did you know all those years ago how fondly I would remember how I would find you still guarding coats, etc. (without being asked) at the end of a dance or something. I appreciated your loyalty and support then and remember it and you today. Happy Birthday. Marcia and I moved to Llanfair in College Hill last Fall. Unfortunately as her Parkinson's progressed she had to move into the assistant living area. I remain in our independent living.
All best to you. Paul

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Sharon - I remember that Showcase get up!!!! and so much more - your loyal and faithful service to your class, unheralded but appreciated. Wasn't it you I found at the end of a dance or mixer still guarding the coat room which I'd forgotten about? I hope your husband's and your health won't prevent you from attending the reunion in October 2015. It would be so wonderful to see you again. All best wishes - Paul

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